10 февр. 2013 г.

15-year-old protester

There has been a rally  at 1:00 PM on 14th of May in 2012 organized by the Public Chamber in front of the Baku City Executive Power. Slogans like “Release prisoners of conscience”, “free elections”, “ensure freedom of assembly” and etc. were called out.

As always, participants of the rally were beaten and abused. 18 people were arrested. They were all released later. This is normal for a dictatorial country like Azerbaijan.
There are always some who are beaten and abused in every rally. At least, those who join these rallies understand and accept these risks. That is not my point, watch the video and you will understand everything yourselves.

If you did watch the video, you are probably shocked. 15 year old teenager is protesting. And this is right. But this inglorious police officer corners him, and ruthlessly beats him. This is deplorable. What does this inglorious officer gain from beating a teenager? What has this teenager done to him? Do you not have child? All you do is beat people, and get fat; there is nothing else you are capable of. Time will come and this teenager will insert your baton in one of your cavities, mildly speaking, and then you will be crying. Time will come and the people will rise, what will you do then? Let me tell you, you will be running around to find holes for yourselves, like rats.
Let me also point out that I do not know this young man, but glory to him. He is expressing his opinion at the age of 15, not boot licking like some people who are at their 30s or 40s. He is risking his life to protest at this young age. Everything would be fine if there were more teenagers like this guy, Democracy would commence.
As soon as I saw this teen I remembered my first rally, which ended up being organized a little better than this one. Some more videos of the rally are available right below.

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